Como limpar a lavadora con cristais de sosa - mellor que o vinagre branco

Como limpar a lavadora con cristais de sosa - mellor que o vinagre branco

Washing machines need regular limpeza to remove any residue left behind from washing dirty lavandería.

Instead of spending money on designated washing machine cleaners full of chemicals, there is a natural alternative.

Typically most people would gravitate to using vinagre branco as a natural alternative as it can help to eliminate odours, dirt and grease.

However, excessive use of white vinegar in a washing machine starts to break down one of the most important parts of a washing machine – the part that stops the aparello de fugas.

Not to mention the substantial rotting damage it can cause to the hoses at the back of the appliance too.

Levando ao Sra. Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman claimed that her engineer shared a “better” option.

Sharon Cooper said: “I’ve been having problems cleaning my washing machine and my engineer told me to use soda crystals.

“He said that this stuff cleans the entire appliance better than white vinegar and dishwasher tablets.

“You just have to add 500g of soda crystals to the drum and put it on the hottest wash and that’ll do the trick.”

One of the best places soda crystals should be used is in the washing machine. 

Soda crystals work with the hot water to remove limescale, eliminate mould, bacteria and other stuff that’s causing foul odours and dissolve detergent deposits.

Repeat the cleaning process once a month to keep your washing machine in good shape.

You can also use them to clean the exterior of the washing machine and wipe the door seal.

Pódese recoller unha bolsa de 1 kg de cristais de refresco Produtos de limpeza for £1.55 – this works out as 78p per use.

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