Botellas lanzadas, fogos artificiais a berros e detencións na manifestación | Reino Unido | Novas

Botellas lanzadas, fogos artificiais a berros e detencións na manifestación | Reino Unido | Novas

Bottles were hurled at police, fireworks reportedly thrown in a crowd, and arrests made at a demonstration in central London on Tuesday night.

The Metropolitan Police say a crowd gathered to mark « Albanian Independence Day » in Belvedere Road near to Jubilee Gardens at around 6.45pm. Subsequently a break away group of protesters are said to hqave become « confrontational » near to Waterloo Station.

Police say they used « section 35 » powers to prevent crime in the capital. This meant they could legally tell people to leave the area for up to 48 hours or face arrest.

However, they say around 1,000 people gathered at Belvedere Road with Albanian flags being waved through sunroofs of cars being driven through the street. They say two cars were « stopped and dealt with ».

Officers say one man was arrested for throwing a firework towards a crowd. His details have not yet been released.

Writing on X, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said: « Officers have stopped several vehicle convoys that have travelled into central London this evening. A number of drivers have been reported for driving offences and several vehicles have been seized. Officers will continue to deal with anti-social behaviour.

« We believe some of the drivers were travelling to a protest in Belvedere Road, near Jubilee Gardens. This is ongoing and officers are there to keep people safe and to deal with any offences.

« A Section 35 dispersal order remains in place to prevent crime and disorder in central London. Officers can use this power to order a person to leave the area below for a period of up to 48 hours. »

The force added: « We estimate around 1,000 people have now gathered in Belvedere Road as part of a demonstration to mark Albanian Independence Day. We’ve seen several people waving Albanian flags through the sunroofs of moving cars.

« This is clearly dangerous. Two cars have been stopped and anyone else seen doing this will be dealt with by officers.

« We have made one arrest after a man threw a firework towards the crowd near to Jubilee Gardens. He has been taken into custody. »

Officers later said the breakaway protest became « confrontational and aggressive » towards the police. They said bottles were hurled towards officers.

A Met Police spokesman said: « The breakaway group in York Road has become confrontational and aggressive with bottles thrown towards officers. Arrests have been made. We are using Section 35 powers to disperse the crowd and prevent further disorder. Belvedere Road is now clear. »

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