Horror no club de adultos planificado cunha "sala para perros" que cobra £ 50 ao mes preto da escola primaria | Reino Unido | Novas

Horror no club de adultos planificado cunha "sala para perros" que cobra £ 50 ao mes preto da escola primaria | Reino Unido | Novas

Plans to open an adult club with an in-built « dogging room » near a primary school have prompted outrage in a local community, with MPs threatening to intervene if it is opened.

Residents of Runcorn were dismayed when they started receiving online notices advertising the planned opening of a private club named GG’s Lounge.

The advertisements informed locals of plans to open the club on Church Street, a road in the riverside Old Town near Runcorn All Saints C of E Primary School.

While they no longer appear to be active, quick-thinking residents quickly snapped screenshots of the adverts after they noticed some distressing details.

GG’s Lounge advertises a range of services, among them a sauna, « dungeon » and « dogging room ».

The grim adverts, which were first reported by the Local Democracy Service, offered would-be members £50 membership for full use of the club’s services.

Single men could sign up for six months, while couples were offered a year-long membership for the same price to use the facilities, which also include « play rooms » and a couples-only room.

The club told people GG’s lounge would allow them to « indulge in a world of adult entertainment like no other », and take advantage of an « exclusive club in the heart of Runcorn ».

While the exact location of the coming adult destination is yet to be revealed, the Local Democracy Service reported it would open a matter of yards away from the local catholic primary school.

Residents responded with shock, with one local asking online: « Who the f*** wants that in such a small town centre? »

The issue has since reached higher powers, including East Runcorn MP Mike Amesbury, who said he communicated a constituent’s fears to the attention of Stephen Young, the Chief Executive of Halton Borough Council.

Mr Amesbury said he had « asked him to investigate further and provide me with a response ».

A Halton Council spokesman said: « We have been made aware of the proposed establishment and have engaged with the proprietors to advise on licensing requirements. »

“Any licence application received will be considered in line with usual council procedures.”

Simon Montagu, the co-owner of GG’s Lounge, said locals had been « misinformed of what we are doing » based on a « generic website that never should have gone live and has since been taken down ».

He added that GG’s would work with the council and ensure « we comply with all legal requirements », and that the business had spoken with local business owners and passers-by on the street.

Many locals have said they have no issue with the planned club, with one saying it would be « better use of an empty building », with another adding the club is « opening way after school hours so children aren’t seeing anything ».

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