O presidente da FIA aborda as acusacións de "sexismo" tras un "ataque inhumano" | F1 | Deporte

O presidente da FIA aborda as acusacións de "sexismo" tras un "ataque inhumano" | F1 | Deporte

FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem has hit back at sexism allegations facing him, describing the criticism he has been subjected to as ‘inhuman’. The 62-year-old has faced backlash for quotes made back in 2001 that have been labelled as misogynistic.

In an archived version of his old website, the FIA president was quoted as saying that he does “not like women who think they are smarter than men, for they are not in truth.” These comments were widely criticised, but until now Ben Sulayem had not addressed the issue.

Discussing the quotes in an interview with PA, Ben Sulayem said: “What did I say, if I said it? Let’s assume it was [me]. I tell you exactly what it said. It says: ‘I hate when women think they are smarter than us’. But they hate when men think they are smarter than them.

“Did I say we are smarter? No. Did I say they are less smart? No. For God’s sake, if that is the only thing they have against me, please be my guest, you can do worse than that. People can go back and see what has been said, and if I have said anything against women. In 117 years of the FIA, I am the only president who brought in a female CEO.

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“I made the commission for EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion), and I brought a woman in (Tanya Kutsenko). There is disrespect to women if you say we have to have 30 per cent [of the workforce]. You bring them in on merit and credibility. And that is why they are there.

“Look at Bernie Ecclestone’s wife (Fabiana). She is one of the most active. They said that I brought her in because of the support from Bernie. But Bernie doesn’t have any connection with any votes. He has no power over them.”

Ben Sulayem – who took over from the long-serving Jean Todt in December 2021 – also criticised the media attacks he was subjected to. In April, one month after the death of his son Saif, a British news outlet published accusations of sexism from former FIA employee Shaila-Ann Rao. 

“The attack on me earlier this year was inhuman, with the tragedy that I had,” continued the Emirati. “I would love that if I did these things that I was accused of, you sit with me, challenge me and confront me. But don’t fabricate and throw things at me, and then when I tell you to prove it, you run away and don’t come back. That is not the way.”

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